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Helped Sitting Pretty Scale Their Email Marketing Monthly Attributed Revenue From $75,000 – $143,000 in less than 60 days

Logan Interview, pumped to tell how things went for him
A Closer look at the evolution over the months. Have a look of the % of revenue generated by email marketing!
Results achieved before working with us. $75,000 per month with email marketing.
Results achieved after working with us. $143,000 per month with email marketing.
Logan referring our agency as he was highly satisfied working with us

Logan Merrick

  • Start Date: July 2021
  • Before: $75,000 with email marketing
  • ​After: $143,000 with email marketing
  • Timeline: 2 Months
​Website: (Ecommerce, Haircare, Multiple 
7-Figure Brand)


"We had this significant email list, and we had a lot of flows, but not of it was running optimally and I could see things were breaking but I didn’t know what to do about it to fix it because it’s quite a technical platform, we use Klaviyo… And I am not the right person to run it, and I didn’t have anyone in-house and bringing someone in-house full time is expensive and doesn’t necessarily guarantee results. So, I have been looking around, we worked with 3 email agencies over the years, but none of them necessarily understood email marketing for ecom and we worked with some significant operators, but they all understood one or another aspect of email marketing but not the entire thing, either technical but not creative or the opposite… We had this massive list and weren’t able to reach as many people as optimal or generating revenue as optimal, so that was a point of frustration for me…
I received an email from you and I watched the video and I thought this guy seems pretty legit.

The work you guys have been putting in is a lot, there was a lot going on and the results is what struck me there were impressive…We went from 15% to 40%+ Open rate… The revenue from the campaign has gone up somewhere in between double and triple… I’d say from campaign alone we’ve increased results from $10,000 – $15,000/week and we got back roughly a 10X ROI and I just talk about the campaigns…”

- Logan Merrick, Managing Director @


This is Sitting Pretty is an 8-year-old bootstrapped brand specializing in an innovative hair extension method called the Halo which offers women a natural-looking, secure, and easy-to-use hair extension that doesn’t damage their own hair.

Prior to working with us, they had a huge untapped asset which is their email list and they felt like they were leaving a lot of money on the table. They were struggling to find the right agency fit to be able to finally tap into a gold mine they had built over the years…
We reached out to Logan and after he had investigated on us, he decided to give us a try as he understood bringing someone in-house would be costly and wouldn’t ensure results… Logan had everything down packed from product-market fit (vital) to operations, to the sales process, conversion rate and offers. They were at a solid 33% Revenue coming from email marketing, which is a challenge for email marketing agencies if you want to make things even better…

That’s when we came and fixed their deliverability, open rates went from 15% to 40+%, and they also have been able to increase significantly the number of people they were reaching out to in each campaign by revamping completely their segmentation…We improved some of their flows as a lot of them were outdated and had really low open rates but we also created new flows such as the welcome series for exit intent, cross-sells product specific, and many more...

We also created Pop-ups for both email and SMS to capture as many leads as possible from their website.

Within 60 days they could go from $75,000 to $143,000 generated by email marketing alone. We almost doubled the revenues generated by email marketing, which means more Profits, and a higher price if they try to sell their business. They are now consistently at 50%+ of their revenue generated through email marketing.

Helped Nodiee Scale Their Email Marketing Monthly Revenue From $11,000 – $102,000 in less than 5 Months

Results from Klaviyo Account Before working Together...
Results over the year working with us. +399% growth of their email marketing!
Huge Growth going from $100k to $300k/month

Jordan Marshall

  • Start Date: February 2023
  • Before: $11,000
  • ​After: $102,000
  • Timeline: 5 Months
​Website: (Ecommerce, Baby, Sleep, Mid 7-Figure Brand)


"Before I hired you guys, we only had basic flows set up: abandon cart, welcome flow. We weren't at all capitalizing on email marketing and our subscriber list. We were only focusing on ads and the front end. Working with you, we got a drastic increase in revenue from 5% to 25%+, and we were doing 11k in the month before we started, so pretty much no revenue generated to now 80k+ with a huge amount of flows set up, sending a lot of campaigns. It has been a big driver for us ascending to the next level. Also, what I have achieved is freeing myself from the burden of email. Also, our deliverability was horrible. You can imagine how much of an increase doing email marketing right has added to our bottom line."

- Jordan Marshal, Founder at


Nodiee is a 3-year-old bootstrapped brand specializing in helping babies and parents sleep, thanks to their innovative white noise machine method.

Prior to working with us, they had a significant untapped asset: a large number of leads collected but no specific strategy to leverage email marketing. They were sending a few campaigns, but they lacked many flows and a proper campaign strategy.

Jordan was overwhelmed, as he had only one partner to manage his fast-growing business and needed experts on board to help him with best practices for email marketing, lead generation, and SMS marketing.

He reached out to us, and after investigating some of our clients, he decided to join forces with us. He was generating $11,000 with email marketing, and we were able to increase that to $102,000 in just a few months.

We improved his deliverability, added numerous new flows to better understand and serve his customers, and created pop-ups for both email and SMS to capture as many leads as possible from their website.

Within 60 days, they went from $100,000 in total revenue (with $11,000 coming from email marketing) to $300,000 (with $102,000 coming from email marketing) and aggressively scaled their brand. We nearly doubled the revenue generated by email marketing, resulting in more profits and a higher potential selling price for their business. They consistently generate over 30% of their revenue through email marketing now.

Helped Nikura Scale Their Email Marketing Monthly Revenue From £17,000 – £56,000 in less than 7 Months

Results from Klaviyo Account Before working Together...
Results achieved before working with us. £56,247 per month with email marketing.

Kunal Raja

  • Start Date: October 2022
  • Before: £17,000
  • ​After: £56,000
  • Timeline: 7 Months
​Website: (Ecommerce, Health & Wellness, 7-Figure Brand)


We have had an excellent experience with Creapuff. Their team showed expertise, professionalism, and exceptional communication throughout the process. Their quality of work was outstanding, with engaging newsletters that helped increase traffic and sales to my website. I highly recommend Creapuff to anyone looking for a reliable and effective marketing solution. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients are satisfied with the results. I will definitely continue to work with them in the future!

- Kunal Raja, Founder at


Nikura is a 7-year-old venture-backed brand specializing in essential oils, carrier oils, fragrance oils, and more, which started on Amazon & Ebay, recently started to create their website.

Prior to working with us, they were only a few months into understanding email marketing, and they had set up flows, but the structure was all wrong. They were a small company with limited resources who had started email marketing in-house, but they were inexperienced and needed expert knowledge to advise them on building their flows, segmenting their customers, so they send the right message to the right people. In general, they also struggled with their creatives and were looking for help with these.

They reached out to us after being recommended by one of our previous clients (Arjun Sofat, Founder of, and looking at testimonials and other videos of our previous clients.

At that time, they were making £17,000 per month from email marketing and had a lot of room for improvement in flows, campaigns, pop-ups, deliverability, and segmentation. Revenue coming from email was around 15%, and we knew we could double it in a few months.

We started to work with Nikura around October and revamped entirely their email marketing so they would be ready for Black Friday. We also created quizzes using Octane.ia so that we could leverage 0-party data and create a tailored experience for their customer by showing them the best product based on the problems they were trying to solve.

Within 7 months, they could go from £17,000 to £56,000 generated by email marketing alone but also scale aggressively their brand. They are now consistently at 35%+ of their revenue generated through email marketing.

Helped Sleeping Baby Scale Their Monthly Revenue From $477,000 to $577,000 in less than 30 days

Results from Klaviyo Account Before working Together...
Results from Klaviyo Account After a Month Working Together...
Conversation held on Asana with Genesis Fernandez who’s one of Sleeping Baby Team member

Brett Parker

  • Start Date: July 2021
  • Before: $477,000
  • ​After: $577,000
  • Timeline: 1 Month
​Website: (Ecommerce, Baby, Shark Tank Endorsed, High 7-Figure Brand)


"We were on Shark Tank 7 years ago, and we are strictly an online business, relying mainly on Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing. We wanted to have our email marketing done in-house as our previous agency was just so hands-off that we didn't know anything about some of the flows, and it seems some of the things weren't set up correctly, which is very embarrassing. Also, they didn't bring the expected value. That's why we wanted to bring things in-house, and Creapuff allowed us to do that.

Creapuff reached out to us, and with the pitch you gave us, we could see that you really seemed to care and would treat our business the way we do.

Within 1 month, we could definitely notice an improvement in the open rates, and it was wonderful in the day-to-day interactions with Creapuff. There wasn't a day we haven't communicated, even with the time difference. So far, it has been awesome. We achieved the ability to be more in tune with our customers and our newsletter process and really helped grow our internal team on procedures as well as working with Creapuff. We now have more control and can work better as a team. We've figured out our procedure.

I think one of the best parts of working with Creapuff is that they are willing to help grow with us. We aren't jammed into a hole that works for everyone else. We all take the time to learn and grow from mistakes and successes.”

- Jennifer Lindquist, Operation manager at


This is Sleeping baby a DTC Brand that was featured on Shark Tank and they focus on improving sleeping quality for babies.
Prior to working with us, they were about to have their email marketing done in-house because of the poor relationship they had with previous agencies and a lack in the quality of the emails set up by these ones. They were bored of agencies overpromising but underdelivering…
They couldn't go much longer and remain in the situation where they weren't getting responses to their simple questions, simple requests… Once they learned about our offer and track record, they wanted to give it one last shot before they took everything in-house. This client had everything down packed from product market fit (vital) to product operations to sales process conversion rate and offers. The biggest issue was no one could craft high level campaigns that highly resonate with the customers.

That’s when we came and improved some of their flows to make sure they don't leave a penny on the table, but we also focused heavily on the quality of their newsletters by setting up a content calendar and diversifying the type of campaigns they were sending and we also entirely reworked their segmentation. The goal was to make sure they nurture their customers by educating them, giving them great offers, asking for their opinion, showcasing new products… in short, creating a great relationship with them while remaining offensively profitable and squeezing profits!

Within 30 days they could generate scale from $477,000 to $577,000 per month. Since then, we’ve helped them generate $1.37M extra revenue in 1 year. ​​They now consistently have 22%+ of their revenue generated through email marketing and are in the right spot to scale the business and become an 8-figure brand.

Helped Straton Watch Scale Their Monthly Revenue From $27,000 to $75,000 Per month in less Than 60 Days

Results from Shopify Before working Together... Revenue at $27K/month
Results from Shopify After working Together for 2 months... Revenue at $75K/month

Kyle Schut

  • Start Date: June 2022
  • Before: $27,000
  • ​After: $75,000
  • Timeline: 2 Months
​Website: (Ecommerce, Watch Brand)


"For me so far, I realise how little I was doing before and how much money I was actually leaving on the table the last 7 years of doing it all on my own. Before I was sending 1 newsletter a month, for a launch of a new product I was sending 1 newsletter a month before and 1 newsletter at the time of the launch, and I always had that fear if I do it more, I am spamming people, I also realise I don’t have a lot engagement and I am leading in people spam folders… I had no welcome email, no email pop up… I was leaving a lot of money on the table. The biggest impact I could see was the launch of the new product we had, you created a whole series of emails even thought we had a short time to process it before the launch as we had 2 weeks, you sent 4 newsletters, it hyped people up, and it got people ordering, as it was building up for 2 weeks…”

- Kyle Schut, Founder @


Straton watch is an 8-year-old bootstrapped brand selling High-quality Swiss Watches. Prior to working with us, they had almost nothing in place regarding email marketing. They were just sending 1 newsletter a month as Kyle was afraid to send emails to his list more often. The segments for Campaigns were wrongly defined, which led to poor deliverability and low results with open rates between 10% and 20%. There were no Flows built both pre and post-purchase… The emails were poorly designed (a lot of them with no call to action) leading to a negative impact on the results. The list wasn’t growing fast enough because the sign-up forms weren’t optimized at all.
We reached out to Kyle and one of our videos picked his attention… After some talks, he decided to give it a go despite being afraid of leaving an agency to manage his email marketing as it was the first time for him.

The first thing we did was make sure his new launch would be a success so we crafted a launch strategy made of 10 emails sent over two weeks to warm up and tease his audience. As Kyle didn’t have the product on end and needed cash to be able to launch the production, we did a Preorder offer that worked tremendously well. This resulted in $97,000 generated over the first 2 weeks with Kyle. We did that while moving him from MailChimp to Klaviyo, setting up flows, setting up pop up.

We also fixed their deliverability, open rates went from 10% to 43+% and click rate was sitting at 5%. They also have been able to increase significantly the number of people they were reaching out to in each campaign by revamping completely their segmentation…
Within 60 days they could go from $27,000 to a consistent $75,000/month. That’s almost a 3X Rev. We’ve been working with Kyle for 5 months since then and email marketing could help Kyle improve Rev but also profits!

Helped The Auric Scale Their Annual Revenue From $1M – $2.1M/Year in 8 Months

Deepak Interview after a Month Working Together...
Results from the Shopify Account After 8 Months Working Together...
LinkedIn Recommendation Left by Deepak after 4 months working together.

Deepak Agarwal

  • Start Date: Mar 2021
  • Before: $1M (₹74M)
  • ​After: $2.1M (₹158M)
  • Timeline: 8 Months
(Ecommerce, Food & Supplements, 7-Figure Brand)


“We were like any other B2C brand trying to bring awareness and taking care of the traffic. To increase our profitability, we needed to have our Facebook funnel sorted. We were at a 1.9 ROAS and unsatisfied with our results generated in-house. Creapuff reached out to us and we decided to work with them to get our funnel built, improve our conversion rate. Within 1 months, we increased our ROAS by 30%. The funnel worked and thanks to the capabilities of Creapuff we could achieve the targeted ROAS that we wanted. In a short period of time, the low hanging fruits and immediate value was brought to the table. So for that, I do believe that Creapuff has done very well in delivering value to us"
- Deepak Agarwal, Founder and CEO at


This is the Auric, an Indian based eCommerce brand that sells Ayurvedic drinks to their customers. After losing money Month on Month with current and past agencies, and getting stuck with unsatisfying ROAS. They decided to work with us at a time of desperation. It was very evident to the team at Creapuff that the reason no one was able to make this brand profitable was because of the way they were conducting the advertising process itself.

Before they started implementing the strategy with us, they were only making 6M rupees a month in average (80K/months). We helped them build their paid traffic strategy by creating general but also product specific funnels to increase the efficiency of their ads and lower their CPA. We also helped them improve their conversion rate and AOV by split testing website pages using tools such as VWO and creating attractive offers… We also completely transformed their email marketing as they were generating less than 1% of revenue from email marketing prior working with us. We had to start it from scratch and we are now on our way to get to 10%.

They grew to consistent 12.5M rupees in 3 months (170K+/months) and we currently are sitting at 18M+/month (240K+/months) after a few months. ROAS increased by 30% in first 2 months while scaling. We helped them grow from $1M to $2.1M US Dollars in less than 8 months, and they are still growing strong. Deepak recently developed new products to add to his range.

Helped Kosan Travel Scale Their Monthly Revenue From $37,000 – $65,000 in Less Than 30 Days

Results from Klaviyo achieved by Kosan Travel the month before we joined, $5.4K coming from email marketing (15% Total Rev)
Results achieved the first month working with Creapuff with $43.5K Generated (66% of Total Rev)
Campaign Results when we started to work on the account

Joel Primus

  • Start Date: September 2021
  • Before: $37,000
  • ​After: $65,000
  • Timeline: 1 Month
​Website: (Ecommerce, Fashion & Apparel, High 6-Figure Brand)


“I had never really worked on the email marketing side of our business except some newsletters 1-2x/month. I felt it was time to fix this part of my business as we became stuck with the rise of acquisition costs.
I was 1.5 years into my business working with my team and mainly focusing on the front end when I decided to work with Creapuff because I needed help managing my existing customers and increasing retention.
Within the first campaign, we had tremendous results doing $30,000+ in sales. I've been so blown away by the depth they bring, it doesn't stop and end with creating and sending your campaigns. And we finally started getting results from automation which is a real relief since we can now reinvest our excess cash in acquisition”
- Joel Primus, CEO at


Kosan Travel is a Fashion & Apparel Brand for travelers. Joel came to us as he needed to scale his business without going through the Paid traffic Road. His company previously had good results on the front end but they weren't taking care of already acquired customers. He was stuck in the customer acquisition loop hole, counting only on new acquisitions and wanted to change the situation ASAP. He also understood relying only on new customers and on paid traffic is a huge mistake especially after IOS 14. Their only focus was Facebook & Instagram ads, but they ran into issues when Facebook blocked their ad account and they started to see their revenue melt real fast as they were so dependent on these platforms. They Understood something was off in their business and realized that being dependent on acquisition wasn’t the solution.

Once Joel learned about our offer and track record, it seemed obvious to him he had nothing to lose and could really push Kosan Travel email marketing to the next level. It was very evident to the team at Creapuff that the reason no one was able to improve the results of this brand was because of the way they were conducting their email marketing. This brand had everything down packed and was ready to get a strong email marketing strategy implemented. The biggest issue was that he didn’t have the bandwidth to Analyze, plan, craft copies and design campaigns in an efficient way. Also, they had no real automations setup and were leaving huge amount of money on the table. 

So, they came onboard as a client, we helped them build entirely their back-end system. We completely Created & revamped everything that was already there, the Pop-up, reworked segmentation, redesigned and reworked the copy for campaigns & flows, we’ve set up also the automated loyalty system based on the customer journey so they don't leave a penny on the table by developing flows for new, existing and lapsed customers… 

We could increase Email marketing revenue by 667% in 1 month, and scale their brand from $37,000 to $65,000 per month which is almost a 2X of Rev in 30 days. They now consistently have 30%+ of their revenue generated through email marketing and are on track to scale the business and become a 7-figure Brand.

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